I'm a digital designer who loves to cook healthy meals, plan ahead, and run the extra mile. 

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I believe great design starts with asking questions, identifying problems, and quickly iterating to produce elegant, thoughtful solutions.


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Grand Rapids, MI


I’m a competitive, driven person who’s borderline obsessed with efficiency.

I get giddy when things go according to plan. I don’t stay up all night, because I worked hard the week before to make sure I’m able to stick to my 5:30am gym time. Routine creates a beautiful efficiency and predictability that helps my body and mind jump into a creative groove every day. I’m passionate about all things digital, and creating experiences that feel natural and delightful. 

Empathy drives every step of my process, where I continually ask how others may be experiencing what I am creating. I believe great work can only come from a team, where a combination of experiences and opinions meld together to create something novel. I have a natural instinct to step up and lead, but also enjoy being a team player when needed. I strive to better myself every day, in my work, in my health, and in my relationships. I love what I do, and continually look for ways to improve.